I tend to get ahead of myself.

Thanksgiving in Canada is the second Monday in October, which really throws my American wife off-balance. This year, we’re going to her sister’s in the US for American Thanksgiving, too, at the end of November. So I’ve started thinking about how to host, then travel, with good food that showcases my talents.

Cranberry sauce is a must.

My base recipe is this one from Damn Delicious:


I add a bit of ground cloves as well, but otherwise make it as suggested, doubled.

Then I can it, because cooked fruit can generally be canned and I need it to last long enough for both Thanksgivings and Christmas. That’s three months. The fridge just won’t cut it.

Cranberries are tart enough that you don’t need to add lemon juice to water-bath can. Orange zest and freshly-squeezed orange juice are both great sources of natural pectin. So I just cook the sauce until it gels when dropped on a cold ramekin, and then fill jam jars and process for ten minutes in my water bath canner, just like jam. Because it is.

In addition to turkey, this stuff is delicious on squash, pumpkin, or sweet potato. (There, you just figured out the OTHER reason this stuff is on my mind today.) It’s lovely in Greek yogurt, though it’s tart so you may want to add a bit of honey. A scoop of this stuff is even really good in oatmeal or over vanilla ice cream.